10 Easy Ways To Be More Productive

tips for how to be more productive

No matter what your job or what mode of study you’re undertaking, productivity and time management are of the utmost importance. But with so much to do, how can you maximise your time and manage all your tasks?

Let’s take a look at 10 easy ways to increase your productivity.

  1. Create a routine and stick to it.

Our minds and bodies love routine, so it’s only natural that our productivity will be increased by developing a regular daily schedule – and sticking to it. Work out which times of day are best for performing which tasks and structure your daily routine around this to maximise productivity.

  1. Choose a planning device.

In order to increase your productivity, you’re going to need some help from at least one planning device. Whether you choose an electronic calendar, a daily planner or a good old-fashioned diary, make sure it suits you and the way you like to work. Schedule appointments, tasks, meetings and even social and recreational time for better organisation and productivity.

  1. Make to-do lists.

Another handy addition to your arsenal of productivity weapons is the to-do list. Not only does a list of tasks give you an overall vision of what you need to accomplish, it can also help you prioritise your jobs. Once you’ve written everything down, mark which tasks are most urgent and rearrange your list by priority to decide how best to spend your time.

  1. Factor in admin time.

It’s amazing how quickly small tasks can add up! Things like attending to emails, managing invoices and making phone calls seem insignificant, but it’s incredible how much time they really take up. So instead of performing these tasks ad-hoc throughout the day, set aside blocks of time in which you’ll get them all out of the way in one go.

  1. Learn the art of multitasking.

Multitasking isn’t always a good thing, but there are certain ways it can come in handy for increasing productivity. Perhaps try making phone calls while completing household chores, or catching up on reading while commuting to and from work.

  1. Ban or limit social media use.

This is a simple one. Social media can be a massive time-waster – there’s no denying that! And it can often be hard to stick to browsing for ‘just five minutes’. If you try imposing a ban (or at least a limit) on social media during working hours, you’ll be surprised at how much more productive your days will become.

  1. Look after your health.

A healthy body means a healthy mind, and a healthy mind is key to being as productive as possible. If you eat a healthy diet and get regular exercise, your mind will be clear, focused and fully functional when you need it most.

  1. Take regular breaks.

You might think working straight though the day will help with productivity, but in fact, it’s more likely to hinder it. Scheduling regular breaks and stepping away from the computer will help refresh you and keep your mind working effectively.

  1. Think and plan ahead.

At the start of every week, take a look at the big picture and plan ahead. Try to foresee problems or potential time-wasting issues, and do what you can to head them off before they have a chance to disrupt your workflow throughout the week.

  1. Share the workload.

Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks if need be. Whether this is in the workplace or around the home, a little help from your colleagues or family members can go a long way.


If you employ even just a few of these tips, your productivity levels will soon be through the roof – guaranteed!


Bio: Emily is a senior content writer with CourseGuru.com.au. She is a recent University graduate and enjoys writing about educational and career orientated topics.