7 Benefits of Using an Online Tutor

As education increasingly moves closer to being almost entirely online, there’s now a myriad of different ways for students to get their grades up and learn even more, all in their own time. Online tutoring is by far the best way for students to get a handle on their school work or university courses and as more organisations move into the online tutoring space, the services provided are only going to get better.

Students can easily find tutors and classes online to support them with anything from coding, languages, math and science. Websites like Lynda and Code Academy are some of the best out there and make learning extra skills a whole lot easier.

Below we’ll take a look at seven different ways an online tutor will benefit students.

Cost Effective

The most obvious benefit to online tutoring is the fact that it’s so much cheaper than one-on-one tutoring. Not requiring students to go to an office or shared classes means that there’s very little overhead for online tutors and they’re able to provide the best experience possible without charging hundreds of dollars an hour.

Online tutoring along, with enrollable online classes, are two of the most effective ways to learn the most about a subject in the shortest period of time and in the most affordable way.

There’s No Commute

In the past, tutoring would almost always require students to head off to a predetermined location for their tutoring lessons. Although sometimes tutors visit their students at home or school. This meant that there was often long commute times as well as simply an inconvenience.

Now that almost every student has access to great online tutors and classes there’s no need to travel anywhere. That means there’s hours of tutoring time saved and both students and tutors are able to get more out of each lesson.

A Wider Selection

Feeling comfortable and inspired by your tutor is essential to ensure you stay motivated and work hard to achieve your learning goals. If a student and tutor don’t bond too well this creates an issue. In an online space, it’s completely effortless to switch back and forth between tutors in addition to also being able to change classes and courses that aren’t designed in a way that works for the student.

A wider selection of courses and tutors means that if there is just a single aspect of a course that a student finds un-motivating or irrelevant to them, they’re able to change and select a new course or tutor.

Professional Expert Assistance is Guaranteed

Thanks to web-based tutoring and online learning platforms being so cost efficient, there is little reason for teacher and class developers to cut corners. That means that online learning is one of the most thorough and effective ways to learn just about anything. Tutors who make themselves available online often do so as they’re an expert in the field of knowledge and want to share what they know. This reason alone is a great positive aspect for prospective student learners – your tutor will be accomplished.

Visually Track Progress

Ask any parent who has enrolled their child in tutoring what their main concern is and they’re likely to tell you that they’re not sure whether tutoring is beneficial at all. In an online setting, using an online tutor or class allows parents and students alike to see learning progression from start to finish. This gives a detailed insight into exactly how much of a course or topic is remaining and how much information has been retained over the course of the tutoring sessions.

Permanently Available 

Lastly, one of the biggest benefits to using an online tutor or skill sharing platform is the fact that the courses, information and connection to a tutor are always ready to access. If a student is stuck at any time of day or wants to pick up learning at a random hour of the night they’re able to do so in an instant.

This constant availability alone makes online tutoring and learning the most effective and convenient way to learn. Far more so than traditional colleges.

Now that we’ve made the benefits of online tutoring and e-learning clear, you can rest assured that any tutoring your child might need may be far more effective than you think.


Bio: Emily is a senior content writer with CourseGuru.com.au. She is a recent University graduate and enjoys writing about educational and career orientated topics.