7 reasons to study marketing

One of the best ways to step into a career in business or marketing, in particular, is to undertake a university course to make sure you’re well-prepared and know the ins and outs of the industry and how it works.

A university course for marketing specifically is vitally important due to the volatility of the marketing field. It’s constantly changing and new fundamentals are learned all the time, so revising older course and research might not turn out as well as you’d have hoped, due to the information being obsolete.

Flexible Courses

A major perk of marketing is the fact that every industry needs it, no matter what they do and what they sell. So this opens up so many doors when studying is concerned. There’s almost a major for everything you can think of, from foreign business to psychology and anywhere in between.

The marketing industry is spread across almost every field in business and each has its own requirements when marketing is concerned so, without sounding dramatic, you can almost truly tailor your course to anything you’re passionate about, in marketing.

If you take a look at some marketing degrees online you’ll see that there are a range to choose from, even if they’re just online-only forms. Social media marketing is such a large part of today’s business world that entire courses are often being drawn up dedicated to it.

Internationally Balanced

Unlike a lot of other courses, marketing shares almost the sale rules and values in every country on earth, so there are so many different places you can choose to study, or work after studying, without needing to totally learn everything again, like Law.

Marketing students can often be given the chance to do exchanges as well as work abroad during their courses as the transition from one nations marketing course is so seamless. On average there is more than double the number of marketing students studying abroad than those who undertake engineering and other technology courses as marketing is just so flexible when compared.

This global balance and diversity with marketing make it a great way for people looking to travel and also work at the same time. Marketing contacts and business connections in one country are most likely going to be useful in another. Just another reason why marketing is a great course to study.

Career Outcomes are Diverse

The career outcomes from studying marketing are vastly diverse and allow graduates to fall into almost any business field available. As nearly every business either needs marketing assistance or their own in-house team, graduates will be able to work as a marketer in just about any industry.

On top of this, within the marketing field itself, there are countless specialist roles which extend from the psychology behind marketing to the interactive data analysis which involve the examination and development of workflows and developing new ways to improve upon them.

This means there are a number of different difficulty and complexity levels in marketing that extend from the more science-based fields to the strictly creative side of things.

Roles Outside of Big Business

Although the more common roles in marketing are seen as the cutthroat and ruthless ones in big business, there are also a number of less popular and under publicised ones. These can be roles within charities as well as government and government sub-departments.

There’s also a large tiered field for marketing personnel during political campaigns and other events. So, don’t let the fact that you think there are only roles in marketing for big business stop you from enrolling and in a course. There’s still plenty of fun and compelling careers within other industries.

Potential for a year in industry

Now, before graduating from your marketing course, there are still a number of perks that studying within such a high-demand and globally needed industry, and that is the ability to easily find a placement in real-life marketing positions during your study period.

This will give you some much-needed experience, as well as a break from your lectures and businesses in the field, are generally always open to interns and temp workers both paid and unpaid as there is always a good outcome from getting a new mind in the business.

Marketeers will always be in demand

In marketing, you’ll be studying a profession that is almost certainly going to stay in demand for as long as the economy exists. With that said, you can expect to have a consistent and stable use for your knowledge and developed skill for your entire career.

This is a perk that not a lot of other professions have, so taking the time to study marketing can create a solid foundation for you in the global economy. As marketing is such a vital role in business there will nearly always be openings and opportunities for marketers. It really is a profession without a use-by date.

Salary Potential

Unlike a lot of other roles out there, outside of business, there’s not a lot of room for movement when it comes to salaries when the base salary is concerned – but in marketing, there’s a great lot of space for growth, even when the base salary is higher than a lot of other careers.

If you take the time to look around the marketing sphere and look at what opportunities are on offer, there is a fairly good chance that later in your career you could be sitting on a really big pay packet.


Bio: Emily is a senior content writer with CourseGuru.com.au. She is a recent University graduate and enjoys writing about educational and career orientated topics.