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Certificate 3 Guarantee – Queensland

Government funding programs are often available to assist students by subsidising the cost of their studies. Certificate 3 Guarantee is one of those programs, a funding scheme run by the Queensland Government. Its aim is to offer eligible students financial aid to help them complete their studies. What is Certificate 3 Guarantee? The Certificate 3...

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How Learning New Skills Can Open New Opportunities

HSC Study Tips

There are a lot of ways on how you can learn new skills. Because of the prevalence of online courses, such as those offered by, you can learn new skills even if you have other responsibilities on your plate. Although learning new skills can require time and a lot of effort, it’ll surely be...

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Why aged care might be the right career for you

Aged care probably isn’t the first thing people consider when thinking of career choices. However, with a growing job sector, good career prospects and a variety of roles, working with the elderly could be a great choice for you. Here’s why a career with elderly people can be extremely rewarding. Elderly people can be great...

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Why You Should Maintain A Clean Office

As a business owner, you probably have one hundred things on your mind when it comes to running your company. Of all the responsibilities you have, the cleanliness of your office probably doesn’t rank that highly but a clean and healthy workplace can have a major impact on the success of your business. Making sure...

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Tax Deduction Tips For Education Business Owners

As an education business owner, you are eligible to claim certain tax deductions. Knowing what these deductions are and what kind of claims you can make has the potential to reduce the amount of tax you’re required to pay. The key to being able to claim certain deductions is to document everything and to always...

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