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How to become an electrician

how to become a electrician

How to become an electrician What is an electrician? An electrician is a tradesman who works in homes, commercial buildings and transport vehicles to test, repair and install new wiring, circuit boards and other electronics. This can mean telephone, internet and security wiring or even analysing and testing robotic equipment. What does an electrician do?...

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How to become an optometrist

What is an Optometrist? As an optometrist, you are the go-to person for almost any and all eye problems. You’ll need to answer questions and assist customers with contact lenses and purchasing new glasses. There is a deep level of experience and knowledge required. Areas in which optometrists practice extend from retail stores in outlet...

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How to become a Zookeeper

What is a zookeeper A zookeeper looks after and cares for captive and injured animals, maintains their enclosures, feeds them and assists in the population growth and rehabilitation of endangered animals. A career in zoo-keeping often allows for employees to branch out into other similar fields, such as working in animal rescue centres, wildlife parks,...

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How to become a travel agent

how to become a travel agent

What is a travel agent? A travel agent collaborates with airlines, cruise lines and other holiday and transportation companies to entirely plan and organise holidays for customers. This includes booking flights, taxi’s and other transport, securing hotel rooms, booking spaces on city tours and everything in-between. If you’re someone who loves to ensure people have...

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How to become a teacher

Teachers work in primary schools, high schools, universities and special education schools to provide students with training and general assistance to help them to achieve their educational goals and career goals. There is a range of specialisations for teachers to focus on in Australia, from specific subjects, age groups and more. In Australia, it is...

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