Climbing The Ladder: 5 Ways To Land A Promotion

Climbing The Ladder: 5 Ways To Land A Promotion

If you’ve got career progression on the brain, you’re probably thinking it’s time you took your job to the next level. If you’re ready to start climbing that ladder and improving your position, salary and future prospects, you most likely want to land yourself a promotion.

So how do you go about it? Let’s take a look at five sure-fire ways to put yourself in line for a great promotion.

1. Say something!

If you’re seeking a promotion, one of the first things you should do is speak up. If your boss doesn’t know you want to move up in the company, it can be easy for them to overlook you when it comes to choosing a candidate for a promotion.

To remedy this, voice your goals and desires to your boss. Do this in such a way that you’re not asking directly for an opportunity – instead, you’re ensuring that they know you’re interested, and finding out exactly what you have to do to progress to the next level.

2. Keep your eyes and ears open.

You can’t apply for promotional opportunities if you aren’t aware that they exist! Keep your ears open around the office and during meetings. Listen out for any talk of upcoming opportunities or company structure changes that may offer you a promotional avenue.

You should also perform regular checks of company noticeboards and internal job listings for any information or hints about promotional opportunities.

3. Expand your skillset.

Adding to your list of skills and areas of expertise is a great way to line yourself up for a promotion. Identify any areas of your skillset that may be lacking, and brainstorm some additional skills that may be needed within the company. Then seek ways to develop these skills or expand your knowledge.

This may mean undertaking a course of study – something that’s easier than ever to do now, with the range of online courses available. It could also mean putting in some volunteer time at work to learn more about a particular area of the business. However you choose to do it, expanding your skillset is a key way to improve your chances of gaining a promotion.

4. Put in some extra effort.

In order for those higher up to consider you for promotional opportunities, you have to prove your dedication to your current job, and to your company as a whole. If your superiors realise that you’re willing to put in the hard work and effort necessary to move up in the company, you’ll be first on the list when it comes to promotion time.

Instead of waiting for tasks to be assigned to you, actively seek out additional responsibilities (while ensuring you don’t neglect your current responsibilities, of course). Once your dedication becomes known and your boss sees your ability to manage additional tasks, their confidence in you will rise – and you’ll be much more likely to secure that step up.

5. Seek out some support.

Your fellow colleagues can be a great help when it comes to seeking out a promotion. Ask them for feedback and advice where possible, and do your best to guarantee that they’ll support you when it comes to promotion time.

You may also like to seek out a trusted senior member of the company to act as your mentor. As well as providing valuable advice, a mentor can help prepare you for the things involved in obtaining a promotion, such as interviews, key meetings or formal applications.


So what are you waiting for? Take our advice and get yourself out there – you’ll be working your way up that ladder in no time!


Bio: Emily is a senior content writer with She is a recent University graduate and enjoys writing about educational and career orientated topics.