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Including a cover letter with your resume is an essential part of the application process. Your cover letter should outline all of your skills, experience and other information that will help hiring managers determine how suitable you are for their job opening.

Before you write out your cover letter though, make sure you know exactly what to put in it. We’ve outlined below a few important aspects and things to include in your cover letter to make your application stand out.

What type of cover letter is it?


This cover letter is directly responding an opening. A typical cover letter.


This cover letter is enquiring about a possible position or asking if any are available.


This cover letter is requesting the help or information assistance regarding your job search.

What to include?

In your cover letter, don’t repeat everything that was on your resume. Add new information, like broadening the topics you included in your resume. Overview your achievements and experiences that make you a great employee, and go over the skills you possess that the job listing calls for.

Take a look at our resume and cover letter templates below to give yourself some more information on what you should include and leave off your resume or cover letter.

What to exclude?

In your cover letter, you don’t need to focus on your personality or your outlook and passions. Your cover letter is a place for you to focus on advertising all of your skills, experience and educational requirements that make you perfect for the role.

Don’t write too much, keep it short and sweet. Don’t stray too far from the subject and don’t feel like you need to stuff as much extra information as possible. Also leave out any questions or queries about the job’s duties, salary or hours – this isn’t the right place to ask those questions.

Cover letter template

Cooper Johnson

2/48 The Boulevard

Weddell, NT 082



Mark Sylan

ABC Business

1098 Countless Circuit

Hatfield, CA 08065

Dear Mr Sylan,

I am writing in response to your recently advertised Software Engineering position at ABC Business. As outlined in the job listing, I have attached my resume with my certifications and references.

This listing presents a great opportunity that I’m very interested in and I believe my background and skills in software engineering would make me an asset to you for this role. I believe the main strengths I have that would make me a great candidate for this listing are:

My well-developed and unique design skills

My adaptability and ability to easily learn new workflows and programs

My previous success in profitable and streamlined software development

After completing a bachelors degree in Software Engineering I am able to say with confidence that I have a deep understanding of the entire workflow involved in designing new programs and creating unique proprietary algorithms. I also have hands-on experience creating programs and solutions for corporate companies in a  fast-paced environment.

Additional information on my experience can be found on my resume.

I can be reached via email at or by phone, 909-555-5555.

I would like to thank you for your consideration and your time. I look forward to learning more about your role and this great opportunity.


Cooper Johnson

Resume template

Cooper Johnson

Software Engineer

Software Engineer with 6+ years of experience in code & algorithmic development of solutions for corporate enterprise and maintaining the utmost quality in all programs.  Holds a Bachelor degree in Software Engineering and has expertise in C++. Looking to leverage my knowledge and experience into a role in senior software engineering.

employment history

Alto Steep Solutions

Software Engineer

San Francisco, California

February 2007 – February 2012

Develop new accounts and software systems for customers in both offline and online environments.

Designed and implement systems for receiving customer feedback for companies as well as proprietary ways to locate and remove software bugs.

Created websites using Java, XML, AJAX and XSL.

Lupis Grande Ltd

Software Analyst

San Francisco, California

February 2012 – Present

Created entirely new company workflow management solutions for a number of corporate entities.

Offered code support to clients regarding ASP.NET, T-SQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

Assisted in the development of new and advanced banking software security and supported the removal of legacy security software.


Tim Cook University

Software Engineering

San Francisco , California

Graduated February 2006

hobbies & interests

Software Analysis

Studying OS History

Analysing Upcoming Technologies

professional skills

Telecom Analysis

Java Script

Perl, Shell & Linux







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