Job Search Tips to Land Your Next Position

Searching for a new job is the first step towards a fresh chapter in your life and can be anywhere from an extremely exciting to an extremely daunting situation. If your job applications aren’t successful, the whole process can be quite disheartening and possibly lead you to picking up a job that isn’t in your best interests. Here are some tips to help make the search for a suitable job easier for you!

Prepare for a Long Process

Before you even begin searching, understand that it’s unlikely you’ll find a job on your first few applications. High expectations can lead to early discouragement, so instead of thinking about how perfect you are for every job you should keep a level head and continue applying elsewhere (even when it feels like you’ve nailed an application/interview).

Identify Your Needs, Skills, Qualifications, and Desires

Do you prefer working alone? Do you have any skills that can be transferred from your current career? Do you have any qualifications? Write these down and begin searching only for jobs that match your criteria and capabilities. Although, remember that you can always undertake courses to gain further qualifications—whether they be online, in-person, full-time, or part-time. Some courses only last for a few weeks!

Do Your Research

Check out the qualifications needed for each job and whether the workplace environment is suitable for you, but then also research the company’s values. If somewhere they mention that organisation is a key attribute to their business, be sure to mention that as one of your skills in a cover letter or resume. Of course, this also means that every application needs to be tailored for each job.

Get Help with Your Application/Resume Writing

Unfortunately not even the best of digital grammar/spelling checkers can detect every problem, and being that you’re likely to miss mistakes on a solo proofread, you should get a friend to check your resume to ensure it makes sense. Getting a professional to help out with your resume writing could also be a very worthy investment!

Utilise a Variety of Job Searching Methods

Sure, job advertising sites are a great place to go (especially if you’ve set up e-mail notifications), but you may as well put your feelers out there in as many places as possible. Your network is your most valuable asset—most jobs are scored through mutual friends/contacts, so don’t be afraid to bring up that you’re looking for a new job in conversation. You could also create a LinkedIn profile and attach your resume, see a recruitment agency for help, attend a networking event, or even search through relevant newspapers/magazines.

Be Prepared for the Interview

Dressing well and acting professional is a standard base for any interview, but preparing to answer commonly asked questions will really put you a step ahead of the crowd. Learning about positive non-verbal communication skills will also go a long way in scoring you that position you’re after.

Follow Up on All Contact Made

If you’ve sent an online application through with no response, a simple message one week later asking if the hiring manager would like any further details could do wonders. Remember that if a workplace has advertised for an available position then there are many other people applying just like you; following up can ensure that your resume is at least read or thought about more than once. If you managed to score an interview as well, send an immediate follow-up e-mail thanking them for their time.

Applying these tips should make your whole job searching process far easier and more successful. Just remember not to give up after a few rejected applications, you will find a suitable job eventually!


Bio: Emily is a senior content writer with She is a recent University graduate and enjoys writing about educational and career orientated topics.