Key Tips On How To Become A HSC English Tutor

HSC English is a challenging subject for many students. Some students are more comfortable with Math and Science – subjects handled with a systematic approach. For some students, studying English is difficult simply because they don’t understand what they need to do to get high grades.

English may indeed need a different approach compared to Math and Science. An HSC English tutor, from Educare Sydney, can help students appreciate the subject better through one-on-one and supervised learning.

Key Tips On How To Become A HSC English Tutor

With the help of a professional HSC tutor, students receive the best support and the right guidance to appreciate and complete their English subjects. The role of a tutor is similar to a teacher, but also different in many ways.

As a tutor, your task is very demanding but also very rewarding. Compared to a teacher, you’ll focus more on individualized learning to help students cope and fulfill their English subject requirements.

If you want to become an HSC English tutor, here are the key tips that you need to know.

1.      Qualifications and Requirements to Become an HSC English Tutor

To become an HSC English tutor in Australia, you must hold a relevant college or university degree, typically a degree in Education or Literature. You also need relevant working experience to qualify as an HSC English tutor.

2.      Understand the Duties and Responsibilities of an HSC English Tutor

The responsibilities of an HSC English tutor go beyond teaching the English subject to students. Aside from following the guidelines of the HSC curriculum, he or she must be able to impart knowledge to the student in a clear and easily understood manner.

The duties of an HSC English tutor include promoting English both as a medium of literature and a language. They guide students in acquiring good English speaking and writing skills.

Some of the duties and responsibilities of an HSC English tutor are, but not limited to:

Plan lessons, assignments, and homework
Review and assess the capabilities of students
Develop grammar and vocabulary
Improve comprehension skills with the use of literature
Develop writing and communication skills
Encourage students to participate in group and one-on-one activities
Monitor progress and provide feedback to students
Assess which areas need to be improved
Deliver information in an engaging manner
Discuss the students’ performance with parents/guardians

3.      Qualities and Skills of an HSC English Tutor

Whether you’re working as an HSC English tutor for an organization or on a freelance basis, you must be able to demonstrate the following traits and skills:

Flexibility: You’ll be mentoring different students with different learning requirements and backgrounds, so a considerable amount of flexibility from your end is required. Take note that tutoring requires long hours and even weekends.
Patience: Any teacher or tutor will say that the highest virtue a teacher will have is patience. Some students may be slow to understand, and some can be difficult. It takes an enormous amount of patience to be a successful HSC English tutor. Having patience allows educators to develop a genuine concern for his or her students.
Approachable: A tutor must be friendly and approachable so that students will not hesitate to ask questions or clarify topics that they don’t understand. If students view their tutor as an “enemy,” learning will be difficult. The best tutor is easy to talk to and accommodating.
Creativity: HSC English is not similar to Science and Math subjects, which can be taught with the use of logic and reasoning. Tutors must be creative in developing lesson plans to make learning English and Language easier for students who are more inclined towards Math and Science.
Passion: It’s difficult to become a tutor by profession if you lack passion for teaching. Students with passionate teachers are more enthusiastic about learning. Tutors who are passionate about education are more likely to help students become achievers. Teachers and tutors who love what they do inspire students to learn more.

Becoming a tutor is not a simple occupation. There are different types of students, which means you’ll have to adjust your teaching style to suit the learning aptitude of each student. As a tutor, you need to have patience and passion for teaching effectively. Before you decide to become an HSC English tutor, make a self-assessment if you have the necessary qualities to become one.


There are specific skills that you must possess to be effective in your role as an HSC English tutor.


Excellent communication skills: An HSC English educator should be articulate and capable of communicating at different levels, as necessary. Tutors will be handling students most of the time, but they’ll also be discussing the progress of students to their parents or guardians.

Great listening skills: Good tutors are not only excellent communicators but they’re also great listeners. To better understand students, an HSC tutor must ask the right questions and listen with empathy.

Deep knowledge of the subject matter: A tutor that lacks expertise in a subject matter will not be able to teach effectively. He or she must be able to give the right answers and provide relevant and vivid examples. To be an excellent HSC English tutor, you should have a formal education and experience in teaching.

Organization skills: A tutor who follows a systematic approach to teaching is more effective and efficient. Being well-prepared and organized helps students understand the lessons with minimal distractions and interruptions.

Strong work ethics: An excellent tutor always tries to find a solution to address learning difficulties. A professional tutor practices what they preach and teaches discipline by showing strong work ethics in how they educate their students.




Becoming a tutor for HSC English is not an easy job. Not everyone has the skills and traits to be an HSC educator. Hopefully, the information above offers insights and tips on what is needed to be an HSC English tutor.


In a nutshell, an HSC English tutor must have the relevant education, training, and values to help students succeed in school and life.