How to make and save money as a student in 2018

When it comes to money, being a student can be tough. Textbooks, travel, eating and social activities are all common expenses, and when added up can be expensive. Getting a part time job is a common way for students to earn cash but with a busy school schedule it can be a difficult balancing act. Here’s some other ways you can make and save money as a student this year.


University parking can be expensive, and that assumes you can find a spot. Instead, avoid crowded campus parking lots and look on a community sharing site like Parkhound. Most campuses will have spaces near-by which you can book on Parkhound. It might not be as close as on-campus parking, but it’s sure to be cheaper.

Alternatively, if you have a parking spot in a good location, you can list it on Parkhound and start making money of it.


Student housing isn’t your only option and it’s likely not your cheapest. A cheaper alternative is getting a few friends together, or look for some flatmates and find a house on a site like Gumtree.


Spacer is similar to Parkhound in that it’s a community sharing marketplace, however rather than parking it’s used for storage space. The peer-to-peer model makes it much cheaper than traditional storage solutions.

Again, the great thing about Spacer is that you can list any spare space you have and start making money with it.


Every student knows the pain of textbooks. At the start of each semester you get a list of textbooks you require, costing hundreds of dollars. Rather than buying them from the uni, try to find students selling their old textbooks.

Again, there’s a community sharing site for the buying and selling of textbooks. Either buy or list your textbooks online and save. Some textbooks are listed at a reduced price of up to 95%!

The Volte

If you’re a fashionista who’s acquired a selection of designer dresses that you can’t bring yourself to sell, you can earn money with them on The Volte. Again, similar to Parkhound and Spacer, you can list your dresses on the site and people can borrow them off you.

On the other hand, if you have a university ball to attend to, you can find a designer dress for just a fraction of its price on The Volte.

Student Card

Your student or concession card can actually save you a lot of money if you know where to use it. Find the shops that offer student discounts, or if you’re not sure just ask. You’ll be surprised how many places offer student discounts, from restaurants to movie cinemas.

Being a student can make it difficult to find cash. Fortunately, the internet has brought about many ways to save and make money. Some of these ideas allow you to make an almost passive income from things you already own. Others use peer-to-peer marketplaces to lower the cost of more traditional options. Saving and making money as a student is all about creative planning and savvy saving.


Bio: Emily is a senior content writer with She is a recent University graduate and enjoys writing about educational and career orientated topics.