Online Courses in Radiography and Medical Imaging

Completing an online course in radiography and medical imaging is a great first step towards a rewarding career in Australia’s allied health field. Radiography and medical images are a vital step towards correct diagnosis, ensuring the health and wellbeing of everyday Australians. It’s a respected and rewarding field in Australia’s healthcare industry.

What is Radiography?

Radiography is the use of an X-Ray machine to produce an image of the human body, or a part of it. From this image, medical professionals can diagnose a patient and prescribe treatments based on their findings.

What is Medical Imaging?

Medical imaging covers a wide variety of techniques to create images of parts of the human body for diagnostic purposes within the health field. Radiography, mentioned above, is just one method of medical imaging. Other techniques include fluoroscopies, magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs), endoscopies, tactile imaging, and many more.

What Will I Learn?

Through online courses in radiography and medical imaging, you’ll be equipped with the basic skills needed to assist medical imaging technicians and radiographers. You’ll learn about what tools and equipment are used and when you should use them. Courses also explore the most common reasons why patients might need a radiograph or medical image taken, helping you to recognise these factors in real world patients.

You’ll also learn how to properly read the medical images that are produced, whether you’re working alongside a dentist or physiotherapist. You’ll learn how to effectively assist these medical professionals in their diagnoses and treatment of patients.

These courses are designed to set you up with the knowledge to immediately start working in the field. The practical knowledge you gain will act as a great foundation for a career in the medical imaging field.

What Job Opportunities Are There?

After graduating with a qualification in radiography and medical imaging, you’ll be eligible for junior and mid-level roles in the field. You’ll be able to work alongside dentists, podiatrists, physiotherapists, and other professionals in the medical industry, assisting them with their work as either a medical imaging assistant or radiographer.

These courses are a great way to get a start in the industry, qualifying you for the entry level roles that will help you build your work experience in healthcare. As such, it’s also a steppingstone to further healthcare education at universities.

Is There Funding Available?

Eligible students can receive funding from the government to help them cover the cost of tuition. How much you receive depends on the state you live in, the course level, and the course provider. Contact a course provider for more information on whether you’re eligible to receive government funding.

Completing an online course in radiography and medical imaging is a great way to introduce yourself to the field and land a well-paid job to build your experience. It’s also a great path towards careers in the medical imaging field and healthcare in general.