Resignation Letter

If it’s time for you to move on from your current job, the most formal and respectful way to advise your employer or management that you’re intending to leave your job is with a letter of resignation. A respectful and polite letter of resignation is also a good way to ensure your work relationship with your previous employer isn’t damaged and should allow you to use them as a reference or other connection for future employment.

When writing your letter of resignation make sure you do so as early as possible, don’t leave human resources and other management teams scrambling to find a replacement as soon as possible. It’ll be a bad result for everyone, including yourself.


Resignation letter Structure

Listed below are the four most basic structural elements of your resignation letter. As long as you include all of these, you’ll have a well-rounded resignation letter.

Your contact info

Your businesses contact info

The content


Say that you’re resigning

Why you’re resigning

Your well wishes


How to write a letter of resignation

More often than not a resignation letter can cause a mild amount of hostility and an overall bad reaction in the workplace. So, in the event, you’re ready to part ways with your current employer you should follow a few of the tips we’ve listed below to help your resignation letter.

Be concise

When you’re outlining why you’re leaving when you intend to leave and other information, be as concise and brief as you can, while also keeping all of the information you need to say in the letter.

Be formal

A letter of resignation isn’t the best place for you to use relaxed and informal language just because you’re not intending to work at your position for much longer. Keep your language as formal and respectful as possible.

Be nice

A major tip is to be as nice and polite in your letter as possible. Your resignation may come as a surprise, or even be found rude or offensive, so don’t leave any room for interpretation and be as nice friendly as possible.

Be clear about what the letter is. No ambiguity

Try not to leave any room for interpretation in your resignation letter. It must to be right to the point and not leave the reader confused or not totally aware of what your intentions are.

Your last day of work

You should also include your final day of work within your letter so that human resources, management and other senior staff know an overall timeframe of when they need to begin advertising for your position.

Why do you want to leave?

Outlining your reasoning behind why you’re leaving, whether it be due to workplace issues or a new job, is a good piece of information to add.

Keep a copy & the date

Store a copy of your letter as well as the date, so you can reference it later


Letter of resignation Sample

Cooper Edwards

16 The Boulevard

Fortitude City, NSW, 2566

0423 456 789


24 February 2018


Scott Stanly

Executive Manager

Klein Consultants

14 Leath Circuit

Bathurst, NSW, 2795


Dear Mr. Stanly,

I am writing to announce my resignation from Klein Consultants, effective two weeks from today.

This hasn’t been an easy decision, nor was it a rushed decision. Collaborating with you and our team over the past seven years has been an amazing experience and I have enjoyed working with all of our clients.

I would like to sincerely thank you for all of the opportunities both you and the company has provided to me.

I wish you and Klein Consultants the very best. Don’t hesitate to ask if I can assist in any way during the transition.


Cooper Edwards (handwritten signature on hard copy)


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