Why aged care might be the right career for you

Aged care probably isn’t the first thing people consider when thinking of career choices. However, with a growing job sector, good career prospects and a variety of roles, working with the elderly could be a great choice for you. Here’s why a career with elderly people can be extremely rewarding.

Elderly people can be great to work with

Out of the many types of clients you could be working with, elderly people are potentially one of the best. Seniors have a lifetime of stories and experiences from all corners of the globe. There’re lessons to be learnt from your elders, especially when they’re talking about the biggest moments in their life. Elderly people have lived through almost everything someone can experience, so they’re often more understanding, kind and easy to work with. The simple act of listening to an older person can be very meaningful.

More than just care work

When it comes to working with the elderly, people often think of care but there’s many career paths to choose from. To get a feel for the industry, it can be a good idea to get some experience through platforms like Home Care Heroes. Not only will this count as experience as you move into a professional role, but you can be make sure you’re suited to such a role.

Once you get an idea of what area you want to work in, you can complete a relevant course online with a registered online training provider, like Australia College. There are many community service courses which are tailored to different areas of the industry.

In demand career

Australia has an ageing population which obviously means more seniors who will need care and support services, which means more jobs. As the industry grows, and the way people think of care changes, the types of careers in the area will diversify. The government forecasts that over the next 5 years the number of Aged and Disabled Carers is expected to grow from 175,800 in 2018 to 245,000 by 2023.

The aged and disabled care sector has very strong job prospects so it’s a great time to study a relevant course.

An important career

As we’ve explained, Australia’s population is growing due to our increasing life expectancy. Each year, more and more people will require care. Currently, our nations aged care facilities will struggle to keep up with demand, so alternative care methods, like in—home care, will become more and more common. By 2057, it is projected there will be 8.8 million older people in Australia (22% of the population); by 2097, 12.8 million people (25%) will be aged 65 and over.

It’s important for Australia to have adequate services and workers to assist with the needs of the ageing population.

A fulfilling career

Aged care is not often the first career choice that comes to mind for many people, and it certainly comes with its challenges. At the same time, caring for the elderly population can be extremely rewarding. As an aged care worker, you can make a direct positive impact on many peoples lives. Not only will you improve the lives of those you’re caring or, you can be greatly valued by the senior’s family and loved ones. Such a meaningful impact is hard to find in other careers.  

Aged care is a growing industry that will continue to do so as our population ages. Not only are there strong job prospects, but it’s a career where workers can make a meaningful impact on their community. Aged care can be a fulfilling and rewarding career for those with the right skills and mindset.


Bio: Emily is a senior content writer with CourseGuru.com.au. She is a recent University graduate and enjoys writing about educational and career orientated topics.