Why You Should Maintain A Clean Office

As a business owner, you probably have one hundred things on your mind when it comes to running your company. Of all the responsibilities you have, the cleanliness of your office probably doesn’t rank that highly but a clean and healthy workplace can have a major impact on the success of your business. Making sure that your offices are regularly cleaned using TidyMe and creating a healthy and organised environment for your staff is one way of ensuring that you meet your business objectives. Here are some reasons you should maintain a clean workplace.

Reduce The Spread Of Illness

One of the most important reasons for cleaning, in general, is to reduce the spread of germs and maintain a hygienic and safe environment. This is particularly important in an office environment where you have a number of employees working and interacting all day. Offices are hotspots for germs to multiply, especially in common areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and break rooms. Door handles, microwave doors, keyboards, taps and kitchen surfaces can all be covered in germs if not cleaned frequently. In winter, when workers are more likely to be affected by illnesses, like colds or the flu, germs can spread more quickly and lead to an increase in the number of employees calling in sick. If your staff are regularly unwell or needing to take time off to recover from illnesses that could be prevented, it can have a negative impact on your business because it not only costs you money but it leads to a decrease in productivity.

Increase Productivity

Happy, healthy employees are productive employees and it can be hard to feel motivated to work if you’re working in a cluttered, disorganised and dirty environment. Consider the fact that your staff probably spend more time at work than they do at home and they want to be comfortable for these eight to nine hours. If your workers are unhappy in their work environment, this will be reflected in the work they produce and this will ultimately affect your customers and the health of your business. It is important for a business owner to show that you care about your employees by putting effort into keeping the office clean and tidy. Details such as these of what increases someone’s job satisfaction and makes an employee feel invested in your company.

Keep Your Employees Safe

A disorganised work environment might be more than annoying or aesthetically displeasing – it could be dangerous for your employees. When working in a messy environment, you might not notice all the safety hazards around you the way you would if something was out of place in an organised workspace. For this reason, many occupational hazards are caused by a lack of awareness on behalf of a worker or neglect on the part of the employer. Occupational hazards can lead to injuries and even death in worst-case scenarios so maintaining a clean and tidy workplace is essential for the safety of your workers and to prevent any accidents at work.

Your Workplace Represents Your Company

Your workplace is a physical reflection of your brand and your company and for this reason, you want it to make a good impression on people. Regardless of the industry, a clean, healthy office and tidy work environment will instil more confidence in potential clients and employees while a messy workspace suggests that the business might be disorganised and unprofessional. If a client arrives at a chaotic reception area or an office covered in piles of paper and dirty coffee cups, they are not going to feel particularly confident in your workers’ capabilities to meet their needs. Similarly, if you are in the process of hiring new employees, they may be put off working for a company if they do not like the look of your workplace. For this reason, a messy work environment could lead to you losing top talent!

As a business owner, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of a clean and organised work environment. You want your offices to reflect the values of your company and you want your employees to feel happy and safe in their workspace. A regular cleaning service may be an expense, but it is certainly one where the benefits outweigh the cost.


Bio: Emily is a senior content writer with CourseGuru.com.au. She is a recent University graduate and enjoys writing about educational and career orientated topics.