WorkReady – South Australia

Government funding is often available to assist students by subsidising the cost of their studies. WorkReady is one of those programs, a funding scheme run by the South Australian Government through their website Skilled Careers. Its aim is to offer eligible students financial aid to help them complete their studies.

What is WorkReady?

WorkReady is South Australian Government initiative that provides funding subsidisation for select courses, apprenticeships, and traineeships. By offering financial aid to eligible learners, the initiative drives growth in the vital areas where skilled workers are needed, ensuring the state’s economy in the future.

Eligible students in South Australia can enrol in Certificate II qualifications through to Advanced Diploma and have the cost of their studies subsidised. How much will depend on the qualification being studied, and in which institution it’s being offered.

Which Courses Are Subsidised?

The scheme subsidises a wide range of courses across industries, all of them delivered by either TAFE South Australia or private Registered Training Providers (RTOs). Please note that WorkReady only applies to those students who are seeking funding for a course in South Australia. If you live in another state or territory in Australia, there are different programs available.

Eligible students can also access learner support services and bridging units to help them complete their studies. In addition to that, if you’re a job seeker you can also connect with local jobs in the area by accessing employment programs.

Cost for Students

If a student is eligible for funding under the WorkReady scheme, the South Australian Government will subsidise their course, although students are still required to pay a student contribution fee. How much depends on the course and where it’s being offered.

Eligibility for WorkReady

To be eligible to undertake training subsidised by WorkReady in South Australia, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Aged 16 or over
  • Not be currently enrolled in school
  • Be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, permanent resident, or the holder of an eligible visa
  • Successfully complete the Upfront Assessment

Find out if you’re eligible for WorkReady government funding here.