How to write a cover letter

What is a cover letter?

A cover letter is a single sheet of paper that gives your potential future employer an insight into who you are, how you found the job listing and how your specific skills are matched to the job.

The overall purpose of your cover letter and the content within is to outline your skills, tell the reader about your personality and generally let them build a personality profile of you that, in turn, will hopefully push them to look over your resume and give you an interview spot.

Some specific things to make sure you include in your cover letter are: an instruction of yourself, some information on the job you’re applying for, the skills you’re proficient in that make you a great candidate for the job, some general encouragement for the reader to take a look at your resume and finally an ending clause stating you’d be excited and thankful to meet for an interview.

How to write a cover letter

To write your cover letter, there are a few short and easy questions you should ask yourself – about you – to make sure you outline your abilities and showcase that you’re the perfect fit the job you’re applying for.

What to include

Your name and contact information should be the most clearly visible element of your cover letter. Along with this, a professional email address is essential, nothing is more damaging to your reputation than an email you made when you were 16 about your favourite TV show.

Also, include the name and contact information of your recipient. This includes their position and their name at the beginning of your letter.

At the start of your letter, outline the position you’re applying for. Simply, ‘I am writing to apply for your recently advertised position in Senior Management.’

In the bulk of your cover letter state your relevant skills and why you’re a great candidate for this position. Often outlined on the job listing there is a section on ‘desired skills,’ you can use this to your advantage and state all of the skills you have that are also on the desired skills list. Also, remember to state where and how you’ve used your skills.

Finally, outline why your combination of passion, skills, experience and personality all make you the best candidate for this job opening and an asset to the company.

Cover letter template

Your Name

Street Address

City, ST ZIP Code




Recipient Name


Company Name

Street Address

City, ST ZIP Code

Dear Recipient Name:

I am writing in response to your advertisement in SEEK for a Marketing Manager. Based on the requirements outlined in the ad, I feel that my skills and experience would make me an asset in this position.

I am interested in finding a position that will last for at least 6 months. I am available to start in a new position as early as next month.

I have enclosed my resume for your review. I look forward to further discussing opportunities with Integrated Solutions. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an interview, please call me at 0412 345 678.


Your Name



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