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Certificate in Zoology

Course Name: Certificate in Zoology

Provider: SpotED

Level: Certificate

Delivery Method: Online

Course Overview

The field of zoology is a field many dream about from childhood. In this course learn about what it takes to work in this exciting industry. This course is perfect for students thinking about a University degree in the field. Complete this course first then tackle your degree with more confidence and understanding.

Duration / Study Load

Approximately 15 weeks

24 months of access

Course Features

Zoo Keeper positions are relatively few and when positions become vacant it is competitive. Training will help assist in setting you apart from other applicants. Aside from employment within Zoo’s work can also be sought as a VET assistant or staff member at animal impound centres, animal protection agencies (eg RSPCA), animal hospitals, wildlife officer (ranger) and animal daycare businesses.


Animal Breeding


Cross Breeding

Pure Breeding

Diseases and Diagnoses


Types of Diseases

How Diseases are Diagnosed

Vertebrate Zoology

Animal classification

The Animal Kingdom

Animal Characteristics

Animal Behaviour & Psychology

Social Behaviour





Animal Health Care

Health Care Facilities

Common Health Issue


First Aid


Job Outcomes

Zookeeper Assistant

Zoo Volunteer worker

VET Assistant

Wildlife Officer

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