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Pet Care Assistant

Course Name: Pet Care Assistant

Provider: SpotED

Level: Certificate

Delivery Method: Online

Course Overview

Become a qualified Pet Care/Vet Assistant. The course provides an opportunity to interact with and learn from very successful, highly qualified and experienced professionals. It also allows you to enter into a profession that continues to grow and provide great lifestyle benefits for animal lovers.

Course Features

Veterinary assistant job opportunities are expected to be attractive because the number of job openings is expected to exceed the number of new graduates. Demand for veterinary care also has grown throughout the years, as animals’ medical care is an important priority for most owners.

Turn your love and dedication for pets into a successful professional undertaking by enrolling in our Veterinary Assistant Course now!


Short Answer Quizzes

Case Studies

Written response


Core Modules

Illness and disease identification and treatment

Veterinary office management and administration

Risk and safety management in animal care settings

Animal first aid and injuries

Preventative healthcare

Job Outcomes

Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary technician

Animal lab technician

Animal hospital assistant

Pet Therapist, Groomer

Pet Shop staff member or owner

Animal Trainer, Groomer or Breeder (usually self-employed)

Animal Welfare Officer at Animal Shelters

Zoo and Wildlife Park staff members

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