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In the words of Henry Adams, "A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops." A teacher can be one of the most influential people in a young child's life, teaching, guiding and providing inspiration. Often when one thinks of education the first image to spring to mind is one of the classroom teacher. But a career in teaching is not one that is just aimed at teaching our youth. It is a career that can span ages, interests and one that can cross cultural divides and country borders. A career in education is one that offers incredibly diverse opportunities and career paths.

Perhaps the most obvious career path that comes to mind when thinking of education is that of becoming a primary or secondary school teacher. However, the career options for someone who has the appropriate educational qualifications are as varied as the courses available. In the school system there are also jobs specialising in early childhood and children with special needs. You might like to pursue the role of a Community Education Officer or an Educational Administrator.

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It is also important to remember that it is not only children who require education. We continue learning as adults, indeed learning is something that never stops. So opportunities abound in Adult Education and the Corporate Sector. In regards to job prospects once you have obtained your education qualifications your choices are endless. Education qualifications can also be utilised in career development, in corporate training, in social work, human resources and within museums and libraries to name but a few possibilities.

Education qualifications are qualifications that are excellent at being combined with other skills, experience and expertise. If you are a specialist in your field then you might like to consider obtaining adult education qualifications and you would then be able to teach in an Adult Education situation such as at a TAFE or a training college, or instead hold courses within the corporate sector. You might like to tutor privately or hold specialised classes with a small number of students. Another thing to remember with education degrees is that these are skills and qualifications that are easily transferrable from industry to industry and from place to place. Educational qualifications can truly open up a world of opportunities.

Training and Qualifications

There are quite literally hundreds of courses available that provide the appropriate training to pursue career options that incorporate teaching and education. These can range from Bachelor of Education Degrees to Certificates to Diplomas and Masters. As a general guideline in Australia to teach in Primary or Secondary schools there are the basic requirements of a teaching degree or graduate diploma of education. If you are after a career in early childhood it is standard practice to employ people with recognised qualifications in early childhood education. If adult education is of interest TAFE colleges and private educational institutions generally require their educational staff to have qualifications in training and assessment. Lecturers who are involved with higher education will generally need a PhD to be qualified to lecture at university.

There is so much choice for the modern day student when looking at the current offerings available of education related online courses and training. Education related job prospects are no longer limited to the school room and can be utilised in a broad range of industries. A career in education is in essence a career that provides or facilitates education of some description. All fields of industry require elements of education so they genuinely are qualifications that provide a countless list of career opportunities.