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If leading others to a healthier lifestyle, keeping them at minimum risk of preventable illness and even extending people's life span is something that you're passionate about, then a career within the health industry could be a great choice for you.

The health industry is extremely extensive and ranges widely. You could choose to work in an NGO, office, classroom, on a stage running community events, or in a clinic.

Great communication skills are essential to work in this industry. To inform people different methods of becoming healthy, keeping healthy or recovering, you must be clear and concise. You also need to listen carefully as each client/audience live with different circumstances.

Health course

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Training and Education

There are plenty of training options available if you choose health to be the industry you'd like to work in. Be sure to carefully study which course will lead to the career you desire prior to enrolling.

A Bachelor of Health Science is a good foundation for your career within the health industry. With this course you're able to begin specialisation in a certain field; whether it be nutritional and dietetic medicine, leisure, naturopathy, exercise, community health or more.

Within this bachelor you should expect to learn about dietary behaviours, health psychology, ethical issues and socio-cultural experiences that determine our health standpoint.

This bachelor degree takes three years to complete while studying full-time, or six years part-time.

If mental health was the field you would like to enter a Diploma of Mental Health could be suitable for you. Also see our page on social work or psychology to see if these courses are a better fit for your needs.

Looking to take your studies even further? There are plenty of post-graduate courses available. These courses generally aim at the wider community, as opposed to an individual client. You could choose to study public health, international health, health promotion and other related subjects.

Career Paths

As a health graduate, there is a vast quantity of career options available to you.

Depending upon the course you've chosen to study, you could choose to become a health educator, health promoter, leisure services manager, disability support worker, community recreation officer, nutritional consultant, mental health worker and much more.

You could be employed by a hospital, school, NGO, local council, health clinic, rehab centre or many other workplaces.

Job Prospects

Unfortunately for the next few years job prospects for the health industry are predicted to range between medium and low.

Hopefully this will change in the future as health becomes more of a priority. Until then, why not consider getting your studies completed?


Pay rates differ from one career to another, but most careers within the health industry earn between $50,000-$60,000 each year.

There isn't a large gap between pay rates for beginners and mid-level workers, so you'll get paid the same amount as most of your counterparts from the start!