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Are you someone looking for skills that you can take around the world? Or perhaps, somebody looking for the security of a career that will be in demand for a very long time? If you've answered yes to either of these, a hospitality career may be the right choice for you.

Of all the industries to get started in, hospitality is certainly one of the broadest. This career path will require strong problem solving skills, constant thinking on your feet and most importantly, a desire to impress. Whether you choose to work in a hotel, restaurant, pub, cafe or bar these key skills will be crucial to your success.

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Training and Education

There are four main qualifications within the Australian hospitality industry: Cert III in Hospitality, Diploma of Hospitality, Cert III in Commercial Cookery, and Cert IIII in Commercial Cookery.

Cert III in Hospitality

This course is aimed at those of you who are interested in working closer with customers. Careers with this course will give you the skills to work as a waitress/waiter, bartender, front desk receptionist, gaming attendant and more.

Diploma of Hospitality

This diploma will provide you with the skills needed to manage a team, run a small business, keep above finances and watch over the business/managerial side of a hotel, restaurant or bar.

Cert III in Commercial Cookery

If you're looking to become a qualified commercial cook in a restaurant, bar, cafe or anything similar, this is the course for you.

Cert IIII in Commercial Cookery

A step above the Cert III, this course will fully qualify you as a cook, chef or chef de partie. The difference between a cook and a chef lies in the hierarchy. A chef runs the kitchen and delegates orders to other cooks and staff. Usually a cook will work independently, following a chef's orders when necessary.


With an average salary wavering between $25,000 and $48,000, front of house employees (such as waitresses or bartenders) are usually paid the least in the hospitality industry. There are major positive sides with the lower price range though; you are the one that customers recognise and thank for great service, these are also the jobs that are available most around the world. Adding to this, pay rates are rarely determined by previous experience so as a beginner you'll earn standard rates from the start.

The average restaurant cook will earn approximately $52,000 each year, while a head chef can earn anywhere from $43,000 to $77,000 per year.

Job Prospects

The hospitality industry is not one that will go out fashion any time soon. There will always be a demand for restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels. With that, there will always be positions available within these businesses. In fact, with the social trends that have been changing over the past five years, people have had less spare time so they're choosing to eat out more. In line with this, hospitality is set to be one of the leading growth sectors in Australia's economy moving forward.

Remember, a qualification in the hospitality industry will put you ahead of many other applicants. It is also a necessity for most businesses. Begin the first step in your hospitality career today by signing up to a hospitality course!