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Do you have a love of all things tech? Do you feel like you were born at the exact right moment in time - where the future of the world is represented by a series of 1s and 0s? Would you like to turn your computer hobby into a career?

Then look no further than Information Technology (IT).

The world is officially hooked on computers. We depend on them to control almost everything. That's good news for you, as the current demand for IT professionals is only going to rise. So what are your options?

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Course Types

Training courses in the IT field are many and varied - it's a field that is made up of a huge array of specialties. Possible IT courses you could enrol in range from Analyst Programming and Database Design, to Network Engineering and Security System Design.

The great thing about training and education in the IT field is that it is inherently able to be done remotely. All you need is a computer with an internet connection, and you'll most likely be able to complete any IT course online.


Depending on the course type, there may be high-level or low-level prerequisites to get into your preferred curriculum. A Diploma of Information Technology or a Bachelor of Technology (Computing Studies) provide solid knowledge bases, but may require either a minimum HSC (or equivalent) score or some lower level qualifications to get into (such as a Certificate IV in Information Technology). For those who don't meet a University's prerequisites, a TAFE or online learning course could be the best way to start down the IT path.

On a personal level, on top of a natural predilection to anything IT related, an IT professional should have good analytical and problem solving abilities. While these abilities will be enhanced by completing a course, a solid starting point is desirable.

Career Possibilities

The career possibilities are reflected by the available course types. Training in IT could result in a career as a System Analyst, Network Engineer, Security Professional, Web Developer, Database Designer or Telecommunications Technician, among many others.

The breadth of options is astounding. Anything that is technology reliant (i.e. everything) provides a possible career for someone with IT qualifications. And as new technology is developed, so too are new careers developed to service said tech.


Thanks to the ever-increasing demand for IT professionals, a career in Information Technology can be a lucrative one. Due to the sheer amount of possible careers in IT, the subsequent remuneration you can expect varies greatly depending on the role.

For many permanent roles, according to the Hudson 2016 salary guide, six-figure reimbursement can almost be the rule rather than the exception. These figures do vary depending on where in Australia you're working, as a web developer in Sydney ($75k - $130k) can expect greater remuneration than the same worker in Perth ($60k - $90k).

Salaries of other common IT careers (based on Sydney averages) range from a System Administrator at $75k - $120k, to a Data Analyst at a very healthy $130k - $160k. As with any career, a higher salary will more-often-than-not correlate with an increased amount of required study.

Australian Employment Outlook

As mentioned previously, Information Technology provides one of the most secure career pathways available. Our dependence on technology is growing exponentially, so for those with a keen interest in IT, you could set yourself up for stable and lucrative professional life. According to this Paxus report, the Australian IT jobs market not only continues to experience steady and reliable growth (2.7% up last year), there is also a trend towards employment in permanent roles.