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Becoming a Librarian is more than just putting books back on the shelf - Librarians support University students in their studies, provide access to information in thriving businesses around the world, and promote lifelong learning to members of communities from young to old.

In an increasingly digital world, understanding and managing information is becoming more and more essential to businesses, community organisations, and government. Librarians are at the forefront of these trends, archiving, organising, and systematising information so it's ready to be accessed and discovered.

Librarian course

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What courses are there for people who want to become Librarians?

For anyone interested in becoming a Librarian, there are many courses available at different levels, aimed towards different employment outcomes. Courses are available with both universities and technical colleges, to be studied on campus or by distance education.

Certificate III in Library and Cultural Services

A certificate III in Library and Cultural Services provides students with the skills needed to enter the workforce as a Library Assistant, making it a great choice for someone interested in getting started in libraries at entry level. Students will get an overview of the library and information industry and learn all about cataloguing principles and systems.

Certificate IV in Library and Cultural Services

A certificate IV qualification in Library and Cultural Services is intended for students who have completed the Certificate III course, or who have equivalent experience working in libraries. This course builds on the skills and competencies learned in the certificate III course to qualify students as Senior Library Assistants, with the broader skill base required for a position of higher responsibility.

Diploma in Library and Information Services

For those interested in progressing further in their career as a Librarian, the Diploma in Library and Information Services is accredited with ALIA, the industry body for Librarians in Australia. This course deals with deeper analysis of information, and further development of information literacy skills required for Librarians.

Bachelor of Information Studies

The Bachelor of Information Studies provides a foundation for those who are interested in developing their skills and knowledge base for a variety of contexts, including in information management services, archiving, and librarianship. This course provide a deeper learning experience for those seeking to improve their flexibility within the broader information management industry.

Master of Education (Teacher Librarianship)

This qualification is for those who want to pursue a career as a Teacher Librarian. The course provides an overview of what a Teacher Librarian is, how the role fits into educational institutions, as well as the skills and theoretical basis needed to provide education within a school library to a professional standard.

What job opportunities are there for librarians?

Being a Librarian means having the opportunity to work in the private sector or the public sector - to work for local, state, and federal governments - to work in a specialised field like a medical, law, or scientific library - to promote a love of learning and a passion for reading in the next generation as a teacher librarian - to work closely with the broader community in a public library branch - in other words, the scope and the possibilities are nearly endless. With new technologies being constantly improved, updated, and developed, Librarianship is an evolving field with new positions and opportunities becoming available within many industries. Some of the employment outcomes students can expect are: Archivist, Branch Librarian, Information Manager, Library Assistant, Library Services Manager, Library Technician, Teacher Librarian.

What salary can a Librarian expect?

The average weekly wage a Librarian can expect is $1 025. Salaries for Librarians depend on the qualification a Librarian has, and the level of their position within an organisation. Entry level Library Assistants or Technicians can expect to earn below this figure, while a Branch Librarian or Library Services Manager can expect a higher salary.