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SEEK Learning

SEEK Learning is a part of SEEK - Australia's number one jobs site. With over 350 nationally recognised courses available (TAFE, university or vocational education) you're bound to find a course that's just right for you.

SEEK Learning was created to connect unqualified people with qualifications, no matter how they learn. If the flexibility of online training is a necessity for you, that's okay! There are plenty of online courses and education options available. Or if you'd prefer, blended and in-class options are also available too.

SEEK Learning

Refine Results

SEEK Learning currently has 20 course providing partners. To ensure that you're receiving the best quality of in-class, blended or online education on the market, these course providers are put to the test. Each provider is assessed by the following criteria: teacher-student ratios, reputation within the industry, flexible/inflexible study options, learning tools, teaching materials and whether or not they supply popular courses with good job prospects. If a provider is to lack strength in any of these areas, SEEK Learning will not risk your education by doing business with them.

Once you've joined SEEK Learning you'll be able to enter the Careers Access Service. This is where you'll go to gain assistance from the Student Support Team and enter the Careers Access Hub. Here you can find expert job market insights as well as practical, professional advice on where to take your next step. You could also potentially get connected with work placement!

If you're looking to join the extensive list of over 200,000 students that have been helped already, then feel welcome to get some free advice from one of SEEK Learning's consultants. They'll be happy to help you with finding the right course for your desired career, financial options and even enrolment!