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If you have a passion for planning, travelling, and customer service, and have the desire to help others explore the world, then a career in travel and tourism may be the right one for you! An online travel and tourism course will prepare you for work in the exciting travel industry by giving you the core skills in tourism management, as well as a broad range of business, management, accounting and marketing skills. Not only that, but you could also find yourself operating tours, working in the marketing offices of tourism, working for airlines or resorts, or even establish your own business in the industry. The world is, literally, your oyster.

travel and tourism courses

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Course Name: Diploma of Travel and Tourism

Course Level: Diploma

Course Delivery: Online

Provider: Martin College

If you're as passionate about travel as we are, and keen to share that passion with others, you've found your perfect fit with the Diploma of Travel and Tourism. Whether you want to work with others to create their...

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Course Name: Bachelor of Business (Tourism)

Course Level: Bachelor

Course Delivery: Online

Provider: Martin College

Got the travel bug and keen to share that enthusiasm with others? Take-off with a top job in travel and tourism with our degree. Martin's Bachelor of Business (Tourism) course will prepare you for work in this vibrant sector...

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What are the different types of Travel and Tourism courses?

In terms of diplomas, there is the Diploma of Events specialising in Travel and Tourism, and the Diploma of Travel and Tourism. With regards to certificates, there is the Certificate III in Travel, the Certificate III in Tourism, and the Certificate IV in Travel and Tourism.

What can you expect to learn from these courses?

In essence, you will be helping to plan and deliver a personalized travel itinerary to cater to your client's needs. Therefore, you will develop a strong understanding in Australian and international destinations, and learn how to successfully sell tourism products and services. You can expect to learn a wide range of professional skills in areas such as marketing, sales, customer relations, and cultural sensitivity. Furthermore, you will learn important leadership, event and budget management skills, all of which are essential for ensuring that events progress according to plan.

What are the different modes of training/education?

All of the courses can be conducted through online correspondence. However, some course providers do offer an On Campus option. Research done by the Australian Government's Department of Employment has revealed that an Advanced Diploma/Diploma is the most frequent level of educational attainment for Tourism and Travel Advisers (28.3 per cent).

What are the potential career outcomes?

Possible careers include being a travel consultant, tourism information officer, tour desk operator, corporate travel consultant, conference coordinator, an event planner or an exhibitions coordinator. More senior positions include becoming a manager in sales, marketing, product or cultural tour operations, as well as becoming the owner of a small tourism business.

What are the income expectations for related careers?

Payscale, an online salary information company, estimates that a Travel Consultant in Australia earns an average salary of A$37,282 per year. According to the Department of Employment, the median weekly earnings (before tax) for full-time Tourism and Travel Advisers is A$961. For total employment and all earnings, the median weekly earnings (before tax) is A$900 for Tourism and Travel Advisers.

What are the employment prospects?

The predicted number of job openings for Tourism and Travel Advisers for the next several years (to November 2019) is expected to be average, with job openings including both employment growth and turnover (this describes workers who either switch occupations or leave the workforce) (Department of Employment). For just future employment growth, strong growth is predicted over the next five years. As this is a large occupation, it is expected that opportunities will be available in most regions.

What types of companies could you obtain employment from?

There are opportunities to gain employment as a travel consultant at places such as a retail travel agency within a shopping centre, a cruise agency, a large hotel, or at a government tourism department. You could be the personal assistant to a manager in charge of travel details, a tourism trainer at a school of tourism, or be a tour operations coordinator at a tourism organization. Furthermore, within a company, you could work as a wholesale travel consultant, a corporate travel agent, a tour operator on a cruise line, or as a reservation sales agent at a hotel call center.